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You don’t feel good in your friendships. 

In fact, you constantly feel used by your friend, you always feel drained after hanging out, you don’t like your friend’s behaviour, there are major parts of their personality that grates on you and you can’t stand the way they treat you. 

Friendships are not supposed to be like this!

Ever heard – you are the sum of the 5 people closest to us? For many of us, friendships form a core part of our social support system. 

When the top 5 people in our social support system is made up of users, judgers, critics, controlling people, people who play victim etc, is it any wonder we then start feeling bad about ourselves when we spend so much of our time around people like that?

The aim of this e-book is to take you from where you are now – staying in one-sided, draining friendships which make you feel worse about yourself and turning you into a someone who feels confident and happier in friendships.

In this e-book, you will:

  • Develop an uncanny ability to spot the alarm bells before they get too loud and to handle them well before they become damaging to your friendship and self-esteem
  • Understand the psychological motivations underlying why some of us stay in friendships when red flags are everywhere
  • Learn tools where you will feel confident stepping up for yourself  in friendships

Mariann García

Thank you so much Sara!! Your guidance and pointers really helped me when I was going through dark times in my life with family, love and friends just leaving me. You helped me stay strong and gain courage!!

Sinead Moores

Hi Sara, I just wanted to say that making the decision to have you coach me was the best thing I did that day. I felt so confused and emotional about what happened. But you just cut right through the issue and really made me see what was really going on, not just in the friendship, but within me too. I will take a long time to recover from it but I am so grateful I had you to show me the way at the beginning.

Edelweiss L. Jordan

I couldn’t get friendships or romance to work at all. Jealousy. Drama. Fighting. That was all I seen in my life. I was sick of all of it and wondered what the heck was wrong with me. But after our sessions, everything now makes sense to me. I am now learning to stand on my own feet and take back the self-esteem I used to have. Thank you Sara

You no longer have to feel miserable in friendships, and constantly surround yourself with people who drain you and make you feel worse about yourself. 

You deserve healthy, happy, wholesome friendships.

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